Reconstruction & Rehabilitation of Al Nouri Complex Lot 1

Date 2021-2022
LocationMosul, Iraq
CategoryPublic Building
ScopeArchitecture Design and Supervision

Our Design Vision

The “COURTYARD DIALOGUES” project inspires by the message of the divine invitation “…and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another…” (Holy Quran 49:13)* and from the essence of the history of Mosul’s traditional architecture, to respond to the crucial need for social cohesion, the revival of souls and passion that will eventually lead to a revival of the city.

The project’s goals extend beyond the reconstruction of historical treasures to building social relationships and human capacities. Meanwhile, faith builds souls and education builds capacities, providing spaces suitable for dialogue, interrelations, humanity, and peace becomes a demand. The proposed design offers a platform for Mosulian people of diverse ideologies to communicate and reconcile.

After winning the first prize in the international competition organized by UNESCO and UIA, ADD Architects works on the design development in lot 1 of the project which contains the Prayer Hall, the Administration and Community Center, and the Ablution Building.