Reve Compound

Date 2018
LocationMarsa Matrouh, Egypt
ClientCeleste Real State

Our design concept

Clearance – Privacy – Entertainment

Shifting: The main concept is based on shifting movement to give each unit its own privacy, view and this can be clearly seen in elevations and form to create a compound that is harmonically designed.

Reve Compound is designed with the main vision of simplicity based on five aspects:

Sea view: All units in the compound have access to the sea panoramic view.

Space: Give a comfortable sense of living with optimum services in each unit and shared services.

Inner landscape: Create a sociable and entertaining space with a swimming pool and some shaded areas enhanced with greenery to be a public space for the compound residents in addition to a panoramic view of the sea.

Elevations: Give a unique identity for the building by using simple materials with good formations. Also, the clear entrance for the compound enriches the main concept and the building.

Commercial lane: Enhance the compound with a commercial lane to serve the units and attain a fully-served compound.