Observatory Houses

LocationChieti, Abruzzo in Italy
ClientYoung Architects Competitions
ScopeCompetition Design

Our proposal concept

The proposal aims to shut down as much as possible of disturbing noises on the ground to empower the sky and let the stars take control over the site; its effect has reflected the forest translated in scattered units between the wild landscape. The dark, mild and engraved in hills units allow the starts to spread the feeling of relaxation, mystery, and spiritual atmosphere.

The new extension acting as a connecting plaza from the roof and as an information zone, restaurant and services provider. It also has a role in connecting all the elements together (The fort, the church, the landscape and the units).

The unit is installed in the slope of the hills with a semi-outdoor hanged from the ground. All the uses are found on the ground floor except the bedroom (Observation zone) which is found on the 1st floor looking to a double volume zone.

The lighting in the site will try not to disturb observing the sky and to offer relaxation and meditation for the occupants.

Observatory Houses